What is the Water Drop Alert?

The free Water Drop Alert text-message system reminds subscribers to reduce water usage during heavy rain events. This program is an effort at reducing the amount of sewage that enters Lake Michigan in the event of a sewer overflow.


Ways to conserve water!

  • Quicker Showers: A 10-minute shower can use as much as 40 gallons of water.

  • Delaying Washing Dishes: A dishwasher uses about 20 gallons of water.  Hand washing dishes uses about 40 gallons

  • Delaying Washing Clothes:  Older washing machines will use up to 45 gallons of water per load. Newer models can use between 14 to 25 gallons of water.


How to sign up?

We have made it simple and fast to sign up!

Text the word “Waterdrop” to 797979


                                          Follow this link: